Welcome to poetryfiend

Welcome to poetryfiend

Hey everyone, my name is Mal and welcome to my blog: poetryfiend.

I haven’t always been a huge fan of traditional poetry until a few years ago because to be honest, I didn’t quite understand it. However, I have always loved rap and that at its core is poetry.


Having experienced my own hurdles in life, I have really started to resonate with many poets and commend them for their ability to expose their true self in a way that is captivating and meaningful.

In this blog, I will be debunking traditional poetry from various authors, young and old. I will also be reviewing poetry in rap and music as well as the ever-exciting slam poetry.

However, to clarify, I am no expert in the field of poetry or lyrical word-play. So I am very open to criticism. But I do hope my insight provides you with a new artist to discover or a new piece of work that may just enlighten your day the slightest bit.

Thank you for visiting and stay tuned for some mean poetry analysis!